About Iliara…

This is the tale of Iliara, as told by the paintings of the ancients…guide

Iliara is a spirit creature, created by the life force of his planet. He begins his life in innocence, not knowing his origin or purpose, but is guided by the planet to his eventual destiny – saviour of the world.

Iliara is a platform game for mobile, tablet and PC. Players will fire life-spirit using touch or mouse controls to move around the levels, collecting items, fighting enemies and solving a wide variety of puzzles. Iliara also includes a feature-rich level editor, enabling players to create their own puzzles, remix the work of others and share with the community, as well as participate in challenges and competitions.

Update: Development on hold until completion of MagNets!

See our Art page for concept art and screencaps, click on Social for contact details and social media, meet the creators at TotalMonkery.com or read the Iliara devblog for more.